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Victron ECOmulti Home Battery Storage & Charger 24V 2.3kWh


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Model No VEICEM-24/3000/70

Victron ECOmulti Home Battery Storage & Charger 24V 2.3kWh (required batteries sold seperately) EMP243020200

Original Brand Victron Energy EMP243020200
Chemistry Lithium Ion (LiIon)
Voltage 24V
Width 575mm
Height 475mm
Length/Breadth/Depth 360mm
Weight 28000-60000g
Brand victron energy15107968051327

Victron ECOmulti – A simple wall mounted energy storage solution

A simple wall mounted energy storage solution
The Victron ECOmulti can be wall mounted, is easy to install, easy to program and easy to operate.
Extremely flexible
– Energy storage can be increased by adding battery modules.
– AC power can be increased by paralleling ECOmulti modules.
– Three ECOmulti modules can be configured for three-phase operation.
– Two ECOmulti modules can be configured for split phase operation.

More self-consumption, more independence
With 2,3 kWh Li-ion storage capacity and a 3 kVA bidirectional inverter, the ECOmulti reduces dependence on power from the grid.

The growing interest in self-consumption is driven by increasing retail electricity prices and simultaneously decreasing feed in tariffs. Feed in tariffs are decreasing a. o. because it becomes increasingly difficult, and expensive, to ensure stability of the grid as more solar and wind power comes on line.

Simultaneously, the retail price of electricity is increasing, to cover these same costs plus the cost to keep conventional power plants in hot standby to back-up renewable power generation in case the sun is not shining and/or the wind is not blowing.

During the night the ECOmulti is disconnected from the grid. The home is powered by energy stored in the battery. The ECOmulti will reconnect to the grid when the battery is discharged.

Battery charging
The next day, when the PV array produces sufficient power to supply the loads and to start charging the battery, the ECOmulti will regulate charge current to absorb nearly 100% of the surplus PV power.

Discharging during the day
When PV output is reduced by clouds or when a power hungry load is switched on, resulting in no surplus PV power available, battery charging will stop. Insufficient PV power will be supplemented by power from the ECOmulti.

In case of overload power will be imported from the grid to supplement power from the ECOmulti (GridAssist function), and system shut down due to overload will be prevented.

Battery fully charged
Once the battery is fully charged, additional loads (for example the water heater) can be switched on, or surplus power will be exported to the grid.

End of the day
The Victron ECOmulti disconnects from the grid about 10 minutes after PV power has become insufficient to provide any charge current. In order to prevent false disconnec-tions due to lack of sun during the day, the inverter/charger also uses an internal timer to predict the end of the day.

UPS function
When the grid fails, the Victron ECOmulti will continue to power the home.

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Victron ECOmulti Home Battery Storage & Charger 24V 2.3kWh

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