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OD1310-HV Outdoor IP55 cabinet rack


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Model No OD1310-HV
Description Outdoor IP55 cabinet rack for up to 5 x H48050 or 3 x H48074, + 1 x SC0500-100S BMS controller – comes pre-wired
Application Back-up systems for office computers, data centres, Banks, hospitals, Schools & Infrastructure Applications
Width 600mm
Height 1310mm
Length/Breadth/Depth 416mm
Brand pylontech15923602005765

The OD1310-HV Outdoor Cabinet is the perfect solution for housing your Pylontech High Voltage Energy Storage systems (ESS).

The Cabinet features:

  • Robust construction
  • IP55 Rated exhaust fan to keep batteries cool
  • Waterproof seals to reduce water & dust ingress
  • Waterproof threading holes
  • 3 Point lock on the cabinet door for security
  • Comes Pre-Wired and terminated as in images below
Suitable to house either the H48050 (48V 50Ah) OR the H48074 (48V 74Ah) battery PLUS the SC0500-100S BMS controller.
H48050  H48050 x 5 batteries SC0500-100S  SC0500-100S x 1 BMS Controller
H48074  H48074 x 3 batteries

OD1310-HV Outdoor IP55 cabinet rack

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