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Sanyo UR18650E


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Sanyo UR18650E

UR18650E Sanyo Lithium Ion High Rate (8A-10A) Cylindrical Battery

Model No UR18650E
Brand sanyo batteries & chargers16993182889278
Description UR18650E Sanyo Lithium Ion High Rate (8A-10A) Cylindrical Battery
Chemistry Lithium Ion (LiIon) Cylindrical
Voltage 3.6V
Watt Hour 7.4Wh
Nominal Capacity 2.05Ah
Typical Capacity 2.15Ah
Size 18650
Width 18.1mm
Height 64.8mm
Weight 44.5g
  • Do not attempt to charge these batteries using chargers for nickel based batteries or any charger not specifically designed for rechargeable lithium technology.
  • Lithium ion cells can be assembled into single or multi-cell battery packs by authorised pack assembly centres such as our company that have been approved for safety circuit assembly and Lithium Ion pack design.
  • For battery pack design enquiries please contact us with your requirements.

Data Sheet: (Microsoft PowerPoint – UR18650E_(2050mAh_)_Master Instruments_121030.ppt [_214_335_212_267_203_202_201[_203h]) – UR18650E

Due to IATA and individual airline regulations, this item may only be shipped by surface (road/sea) freight.NON DG UN3480 LITHIUM ION BATTERIES – Contains cells/batteries exempted from ADG 7.7 & IMDG Code 2020 using Special Provision 188.


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Sanyo UR18650E

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