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Marxgold MGC15060 12 and 24 Volt JumpBooster


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Marxgold MGC15060

The MGC15060 JumpBooster is suitable for all vehicles and machinery. Capable of performing dead flat starts on large diesel engines in trucks and machinery in both 12 volt and 24 volt systems.

Capable of outputting up to 15000 peak amps and 3000 constant crank amps in 12 volt and 6000 peak amps and 2000 constant crank amps in 24 volt, this is a must have for all industries including trucking, earthmoving, farming, mining and mechanical workshops. Great for 4×4’s and travelling around Australia as well. It has 20 AH of lithium battery storage for running lights or fridges. 4 x USB’s and a type C outlet for keeping all those devices charged, 3 x 12 volt outlets including a 10 Amp cig outlet and don’t worry, if you have a flat battery, no need to worry, the MGC15060 will start anything, it does not matter what it is. At least 5 times more powerful than any other lithium jump starter on the market and providing 15000 Amps of peak power, yes not a typo, 15 thousand amp’s of peak power. there is not a vehicle, truck or piece of equipment around that the Marxgold MGC15060 will not start so if you own a trucking company, earthmoving company, mechanical workshop, diesel maintenance, farming enterprise, involved in mining, multiple vehicles, or just travelling around Australia in a 4×4 and caravan and you want the best reliable lightweight jump starter you can buy, the MGC15060 is the ultimate jump starter for you. Backed by our 3 year warranty, we ensure our products are the best value you can buy and will definitely do the job you need.

This is not a “in the glovebox or behind the seat” unit. The JumpBooster unit weighs 8.35 KG and in its case 9.7 KG and is a seriously impressive piece of equipment. The weight to performance ratio is outstanding. Extremely light and compact for its massive ability.


It has multiple safety features including low voltage, reverse polarity, low battery, over current, low current, short circuit, over temperature and low temperature. The MGC15060 also features a manual activation button. This button can be used to activate the JumpBooster in situations where the battery is completely dead or there is no battery. It can also be used in instances of a 24 volt system being so low it registers as a 12 volt system, usually under 16 volts.

Auxiliary Features

The MGC15060 JumpBooster also features plenty of auxiliary outlets for devices. It includes 4 x Smart USB ports, 1 x 30 watt Type C output. 1 x 12 volt 10 Amp cig socket and 2 x 12 volt 4 Amp outlets.


The MGC15060 has 20 AH @ 14.8 volt (296 Wh) of lithium Cobalt batteries inside. The carry case size is 44 x 38 x 15 cm.


Weight:11.70 KGS
Width:48.50 (cm)
Height:41.50 (cm)
Depth:17.50 (cm)



If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll be happy to assist. View our other related products here or for more information visit the Marxgold Starting Solutions website at www.marxgold.com

Marxgold MGC15060 12 and 24 Volt JumpBooster

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