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Heavy Duty 2500mAh Battery for ODS10 OzRoll Controllers


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This is a custom built, seriously Heavy Duty 2500mAh Battery Pack!
Don’t be fooled by scammers on ebay putting kangaroos & Australian flags on their listings & tricking you into thinking they make their batteries in SYDneyFactories , it’s all garbage….like their batteries!
Here we are offering a custom built pack using the 2500mAh FDK cell
which is made in Japan by Fujitsu FDK.
Please see specification sheet in the pictures section.
We have assembled this pack with 5.5mm Nickel (not the 3mm normally used), to give
the absolute best current delivering capability. We have also beefed up material used on
both the Molex plug and SRP thermal switch.
This battery will hold at least 85% of charge after 12 months so when you go away
on holidays you will come back to fully charged batteiries that are not de-grading from
sitting around flat.
This battery will deliver approximately 70% longer running time between charges than a 1500mAh !!!
 12 Month Guarantee.
We are not a middle man,
We are an Australian  Family Owned battery pack manufacturer with more than 30 years experience,
we manufacture these & other battery packs in South Australia.
Our cells are very fresh with every battery pack clearly labelled with date of  manufacture,
unlike original replacements which could have been made months to years beforehand.
Our replacement shutter control battery is fitted with the best quality Polyswitch thermal
protection device, Molex connector & double sided adhesive pad to ensure snug fit.
Our cell cluster is assembled with pure nickel weld strips (not nickel plated steel) to ensure
the best possible current delivering capability while offering the highest protection against corrosion.
Better product at the BEST PRICE, made in Australia, why would you buy anything else?
Any questions welcomed.


Heavy Duty 2500mAh Battery for ODS10 OzRoll Controllers

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