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Fukuda Denshi Cardimax FX-7402 Medical Battery Repack



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Model No PPB-MB333A
Medical battery suitable for Fukuda Denshi Cardimax FX-7402 (Refurbishment)
Application Medical Equipment
Original Brand Fukuda Denshi
Chemistry Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH)
Voltage 9.6V
Nominal Capacity 4Ah
Watt Hour 38.4Wh
Brand Power-Packed Batteries

Please note – You must post us your battery to complete the service – Repacking Service

This product is a refurbishment of an original battery. The original battery is required for the refit. All Power-Packed Batteries repacking services are of the highest quality, using cells from trusted manufactuerers, checking Internal components of the battery pack thoroughly before and after repacking to ensure the battery pack can be and/or has been refurbished successfully.

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Fukuda Denshi Cardimax FX-7402 Medical Battery Repack

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