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Australian Made CTB73, BT446, BT750 Uniden Cordless Phone Battery


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Are you sick of being let down by inferior batteries?
This is a high quality, Australian manufactured battery pack for Uniden cordless phones.
  • Suitable For:
    DSE F7356
    DSE F7357
    Uniden DSS2105
    Uniden DSS2115
    Uniden DSS2155
    Uniden DSS2165
    Uniden DSS34XX series
    Uniden DSS5805
    Uniden DSS5855
    Uniden DSS5865
    Uniden DSS58XX series
    Uniden DSS7805
    Uniden DSS7815
    Uniden DSS7855
    Uniden DSS78XX series
    Uniden DSS7955
    Uniden DSS7956
    Uniden DSS79XX series
    Uniden DSS89XX series
    Uniden WDECT2300
    Uniden WDECT2305
    Uniden WDECT2315
    Uniden WDECT2345
    Uniden WDECT2355
    Uniden WDECT33XX series
    Uniden WDSS5335
    Uniden WDSS53XX series
  • Compatible with:
    Jackson CB3680B
    Uniden BT-446
    Uniden BT-750
     We are not a middle man,
    We are an Australian  Family Owned battery pack manufacturer with more than 30 years experience,
    We manufacture battery packs in South Australia.
    Our cells assembled with pure nickel (not nickel plated steel) to ensure
    the best possible current delivering capability while offering the highest protection against corrosion.
    Any questions welcomed.


Australian Made CTB73, BT446, BT750 Uniden Cordless Phone Battery

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