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Victron Energy smallBMS BMS400100000


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Model No smallBMS

smallBMS Battery Management System BMS400100000

Original Brand Victron Energy BMS400100000
Width 46mm
Height 23mm
Length/Breadth/Depth 106mm
Brand victron energy15107968051327
*Previously known as miniBMS




A simple and low cost alternative to the VE.Bus BMS


The smallBMS can replace the VE.Bus BMS in several applications. It is however not suitable for use with VE.Bus MultiPlus and Quattro inverter/chargers: it has no VE.Bus interface. The smallBMS is intended for use with Victron Smart LiFePo4 batteries with M8 circular connectors.


The smallBMS has two outputs, similar to the VE.Bus BMS.

For more information regarding the SmallBMS please contact us via any of the methods available here or message us on social media and we’ll be happy to assist!

Victron Energy smallBMS BMS400100000

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