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Dremel 875-01 B812-02 Battery Repack



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Note This service requires you to post us YOUR Dremel battery
Samsung INR18650-30Q 3000mAh Li-Ion 12V Battery Re-Pack
On receipt of your battery we will replace the cells with NEW longer lasting
Samsung cells, fit with new warranty sticker & post back to you.
We will send out your re-packed battery within 3 working days of receiving it.
Unlike most of the FRAUDULENT battery listings by Chinese manufacturers, this is EXACTLY what we say made with Exactly what we say and of EXACTLY the capacity we state.
This battery product will NEVER disappoint! If you want cheap you will buy Fraudulently labelled and listed Chinese CRAP.
 We are not a middle man,
We are an Australian  Family Owned battery pack manufacturer with more than 30 years experience,
we manufacture these & other battery packs in South Australia.
Our cells assembled with pure nickel pins (not nickel plated steel) to ensure
the best possible current delivering capability while offering the highest protection against corrosion.
Better product at the BEST PRICE, made in Australia, why would you buy anything else?


Dremel 875-01 B812-02 Battery Repack

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